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Work Your Body With Heavy Bag Training

Heavy bag workout is my most favorite boxing exercise. I honed my skills mostly through this boxing training.

When I first started out I had no one to train me. I didn’t have a coach that guided me and could do the focus mitts with me. But that didn’t stop me so I trained myself.

And I managed to improve my boxing skills through determination and discipline. My goal was not just to lose weight and attain a fit and healthy body but also to be really good at boxing.

This bag drill is one of the oldest exercises in boxing and most often used. It has so many benefits when used properly in boxing training. It will improve your stamina and punching power.

It is also where you perfect your punching combinations. The bonus is that you will burn a lot of calories doing it.

YOU MUST wrap your hands properly and always wear a very comfortable pair of training gloves. You can get injured if you don’t wear proper boxing equipments, so ALWAYS protect your hands in hitting the bag.

As you start hitting the bag, try to do it slowly at first. Throw single and slow punches, and then as you get the hang of it, increase your intensity.

Practice throwing footwork. ALWAYS breathe in through your nose and exhale through your mouth with every single punch you make.

You can do so many things with the bag. You can try to imagine that you have an opponent and practice your defense too.

Also there are so many drills you can do like basic punches drill, combination drills, inside and outside drills, speed drills and so much more.

I really got a lot of benefits from doing this. I lost weight, developed my skills, I became stronger with my punches, increased my endurance and stamina.

I can dance around the bag doing my punches with footwork combination, and practice defense skill. It is a total body workout and a total boxing training. If you workout at home, the bag is a really good investment to make.

Work Your Body With Heavy Bag Training

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