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Digital Piano: What To Consider When Buying One

Buying a digital piano can be a difficult task if you’re a beginner because you’re not aware of the technical features to consider in order to spot a good quality digital piano.

A digital piano is a beautiful combination of digital technology and a traditional music instrument to produce good quality music. I’ve listed some important features and helpful information in this article that you need to consider before you buy a digital piano.

What To Consider When Buying A Digital Piano

Weighted Keys in a Digital Piano

The feel of the keys helps to enhance your experience of this musical instrument. There are three different types of keys to consider. They are weighted, semi-weighted, and synth keys.

  • Weighted Keys have more resistance to them when pressed, mimicking the feel of an acoustic piano.
  • Semi-weighted keys have some resistance but less than with weighted keys.  If you are a pianist, the weighted keys are the best type of keys to consider because they will have a more natural feel for you.  The semi-weighted keys are ideal for people who aren’t yet pianist but are learning (or want to learn) how to play the piano.
  • Synth keys have a light feel and have the least amount of resistance, which are good for beginners who simply want to “dabble” with music but aren’t very serious about it.


Polyphony is a very important feature of the keyboard and refers to the distinctive number of notes that a piano will produce at a time. A digital piano with 32 note polyphony is the optimum number while some low-quality pianos contain only 12 or 16 note polyphony in them.

Pianos with less polyphony number will cause some problems while playing complex chords of music and become very difficult to compose.  While buying a digital piano, always choose the one that contains at least 32 notes of polyphony in order to compose good chords.

Digital PianoNumber of Keys

The number of keys present in a digital piano is another important feature to consider before buying a digital piano. The range of music produced from a digital keyboard depends on the number of keys it has.  The typical set of keys found on digital keyboards is 61, 76, and 88 keys.

A digital piano containing 88 keys such as the Yamaha P95 is ideal, especially if you intend on playing classical music or music with a wide octave range.


Reverberation refers to the feature of the musical instrument to reflect the sound continuously for a certain period of time.  Its purpose is to create a sense of space and enrich the sound.  (Think of the echo effect you hear when you clap your hands in a tunnel.)

Without a reverb feature, the music produced by the piano would sound harsh.  So look for a digital piano that offers an optimum reverberation time in order to produce good quality music.

Multiple Sounds

One advantage that a digital piano has over an acoustic piano is its ability to produce different types of sounds, and they come with dozens of other instrumental sounds besides a piano.  For example, they can produce the sounds of a violin, trumpet, flute, and even drums, to name a few.

Some are also capable of recording a musical piece that you play and allowing you to play it back as you play another musical piece using a different musical instrument sound.  So make sure that your piano includes all the sounds that you’d like to have.


The sensitivity of the keys allows you to regulate the sound depending on your musical style, and which is another feature you should consider.  Generally, all the digital pianos offer sensitivity settings to some degree, and there are also some pianos that contain up to 20 different sensitivity settings in them.  Although the price then to be higher, it’s better to buy a digital piano that contains high sensitivity settings.

Digital Piano Speakers

Some Digital pianos do not include built-in speakers along with them and they have to be externally attached in order to hear the sound. So ensure that speakers are included with the piano at the time of buying it.

While buying an electronic piano, consider all the above factors and choose a good Piano for efficient sound.  Look at it as an investment to expand your creative expression and a means of creating beautiful music.

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