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Tip In Rebounding

The tip in shot is one of the easiest ways to score off of a missed shot and as you become a better basketball player, the tip in rebound will become an important peice of your game.

Putting numbers on the board in a rebound situtation is definitely better than coming back down with the ball and trying to either pass the basketball out or go up for another shot.  Learning how to properly tip in a shot tends to take a lot of skill and practise to actually make tip in shots.  This basketball drill will assist your tip in shot ratio and build confidence when attempting tip in rebounds.

Tip In Rebounding

To begin this basketball drill, stand about four feet out from the basket and bounce the ball off of the backboard.  As the ball is bouncing off the rim, jump and attempt to tip the basketball in with your dominant hand.  Do this drill at least ten times. As you get proficient with the drill from the front of the basket, begin to switch it up to the sides of the basket.

The success factor to this basketball drill is to properly time your jumps and to only utilize your fingertips to put the basketball back into the rim.  This drill will build your confidence and accuracy with a tip in shot.  It will dramatically increase your tip in percentage over time.

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