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The Yamaha P95 – A Lightweight Digital Keyboard that Packs a Punch

Whether you’re an experienced pianist or an absolute beginner, with so many keyboards on the market, it’s hard to know which one to choose. That’s why it’s time for a Yamaha P95 review; an overview of everything this digital piano has to offer. While it’s not an acoustic piano, it has many acoustic qualities, as you’ll see — qualities that are particularly hard to find in such a lightweight instrument; this is one of the things that makes the Yamaha P95 so attractive.

The Yamaha P95 – A Lightweight Digital Keyboard that Packs a Punch

Full Keyboard

First of all, experienced pianists will be happy to know that the Yamaha P95 Digital Piano has a full, 88-key keyboard, which means you can play anything on it, from classical to rock to original songs — however, you want to express yourself musically, the full-size piano keyboard can handle it. In addition, this Digital Piano features a 65 KB internal memory, as well as connectivity for two headphone outlets, a sustain pedal, and the pedal unit, and MIDI outlet as well.

This musical instrument also includes accessories such as a music rest and a pedal/footswitch — good news because you won’t have to go out and spend extra money buying these; they’re all included in the package.

Preset Songs

Here’s the fun part — the Yamaha P95 also comes with 50 preset songs, many of them famous classical masterworks, which especially comes in handy if you’re a piano student studying these pieces; just listening will help you learn faster.

This Yamaha keyboard also has a one-track recording capability, a metronome, a wide temp range from 32-280, and the ability to transpose and tune as well. The P95 is capable of reverb effects and can handle 10 preset voices — all of which will help you get those original tracks recorded for that audition tape.

Graded Hammer Keyboard

No Yamaha P95 review would be complete without mentioning its graded hammer standard keyboard; it’s another feature that sets this one a cut above the rest. This means that the lower keys on this digital keyboard have a heavier touch, just as those of an acoustic piano. Likewise, the higher keys are responsive to a lighter touch.

This keyboard touch sensitivity is adjustable as well, so you can adapt it to suit your own particular touch and style. It’s particularly unusual for a digital piano this lightweight to have the keyboard sensitivity option, which is an important plus for any keyboard player.

Slim And Portable

Another plus is that the Yamaha P95 Digital Piano has a lightweight, exceptionally slim design. This means that you can fit it in anywhere, no matter what kind of living space you have. This also makes it convenient for gigs; no more lugging around a keyboard that seems to weigh almost as much as an acoustic.

With this slim and lightweight design, you can fit the Yamaha P95 into any type of performing space as well. This comes in handy if you’re trying to persuade that crowded restaurant or bar that yes, they do have enough room for a weekend keyboardist.

Built-in Speakers

keyboard speakers are always an issue; even well-known keyboard manufacturers seem to have a problem coming up with a quality speaker system for their instruments. This has never been a problem with Yamaha instruments, and the Yamaha P95 Digital Piano is no exception. The 6-watt-per-channel speakers pack a real punch; you won’t believe the sound is coming out of such a lightweight piano.

Best of all, because of the high quality Yamaha sound and the touch sensitivity, anyone can play the Yamaha P95 Digital Piano. If you’re just learning to play, you’ll be able to find your way around easily and quickly due to the ease of playing the touch sensitive keys will bring to your fingers as you’re learning. In addition, the settings will make learning even more fun.

If you’re an experienced or even professional musician, the touch settings can be adjusted to your own playing style, while the internal memory, recording capabilities and settings will work out great for your upcoming gigs.

If reading this Yamaha p95 review has given you an idea of its capabilities, then you should hear how it sounds. That’s one thing that Yamaha really excels at, and a reason that Yamaha digital pianos have been so popular for so many years.

If you need an acoustic piano sound, you’ll get it; while if you need a classic electric keyboard sound, just hit the right buttons and you’ll get that as well. It’s a big, full sound, and if you need more amplification than the Yamaha P95 speakers can give you, you’ve got plenty of outlets to experiment with.

Summing It Up

While more expensive keyboards may have more bells and whistles, the good news is that the Yamaha P95 has everything you’ll need as a basic keyboardist, whether you’re a student or a weekend warrior on the club circuit. Not only is it all affordable, but it’s also in a compact, sleek design that can go with you wherever you go and fit wherever you need it to—and there aren’t many other digital pianos you can say that about.

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