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The Spider Dribble

This basketball drill focuses on ball control and movement on the court. While you will probably never perform the spider dribble during a game, the drill is excellent at building your basketball handling skills.

To perform the spider dribble, begin by spreading your legs approximately shoulder width apart, bending your knees slightly while keeping the back straight. Start dribbling the basketball with your right hand. The basketball should never bounce above your knees during this dribble. Bounce the basketball to your left hand and take another dribble. 

Move your right arm around your right knee and place the basketball between both of your knees. Bounce the ball to your right hand for a single dribble. Move your left arm around your left knee and dribble the ball in between your knees. Bounce the basketball to your left hand for a dribble. 

Basketball Game spider dribble

Once you retrieve the basket ball, you have completed one set of the spider dribble basketball drill. To begin the process again, bounce the ball to your right hand in front of your body and repeat the above steps. Perform this drill for at least 60 seconds.

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