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The Proper Shadow Boxing Workout – Training Anywhere!

When I was a kid, I used to drive my mother nuts because EVERY time I was in front of a mirror, I’d practice my combos by shadow boxing. I’d run through my routine until I had it perfected and everything looked smooth and blazing fast.

Once I got to that point, I’d add more punches to my workout and so the cycle went…

I’m not saying I’m the greatest fighter to ever walk the face of the earth but I am saying that a proper shadow boxing workout WILL transform you into a much better fighter!

Shadow boxing allows you to have a proper feel for your punches and weight transfers. One of the best ways to develop balance in your boxing stance is by throwing punches that don’t hit anything. This will enable you to tell if you’re throwing your punches too hard or too wild.

My trainer, when we did mitt work, would sometimes intentionally pull away the mitt when I threw a punch to make sure that I stayed balanced while I threw my punch. It replicated how many times in a fight, your opponent will slip and avoid your punches. If you are off balanced when he avoids your punches, you’ll be left wide open for a painful counter shot.

Shadow Boxing Requirements

The great thing about a shadow boxing workout is that 99% of those reading this will not need one single piece of equipment for their routine since most of us already have a mirror in their house.

That’s all that is really needed, a mirror. The mirror should be a body length mirror so you can see how your body moves and reacts to every punch and movement you make. You’ll want to make sure you are smooth and performing the proper techniques.

If however you are looking for a much more challenging workout, consider getting a shadow boxer…

Everlast Shadow Boxer – Improve Hand and Arm Speed-A shadow boxer allows you to add resistance training to your routine. As you may know, resistance training is highly recommended in any type of workout these days due to the fact that it is easier on the joints and it allows for negative muscle work. By negative muscle work it means that when you are going with gravity (such as when you are bench pressing and you lower the weight to your chest) there is still a form of resistance that allows you to work the muscles.

Shadow Boxing Requirements

A Champion Shadow Boxing Workout

Your workout is extremely easy but you’ll definitely feel it after a while.

You’ll want to start out slowly to make sure your punches are being thrown smoothly and with the proper technique.

After you’ve got this down and feel comfortable, start throwing some combination’s that you’ve learned.

As you advance, pretend that there is an opponent in front of you and slip and block punches. If this is hard to do since you’ve never fought before, think about what you would do if you were fighting someone else and project that image into your mind so that you can feel as if you are boxing yourself.

Make sure you do this while watching yourself in the mirror. Not only will the mirror allow you to spot your mistakes but it will also develop your confidence because as you advance, you really start to look professional and it is a beautiful thing!

Shadow Boxing Routine

A routine is simple, try to do 3, 3-minute rounds of shadow boxing. Think of it as if you are a fighting an imaginary person; move and punch accordingly. It’s that simple!

In between rounds, do either 20 jumping jacks or 10 squats to keep your metabolism up so you become a mean and lean fighter!

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