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The First 7 Steps to Learn to Play the Guitar

You have finally decided, you have a guitar, with strings and even a plectrum, you already have everything to take your first steps with the guitar and emulate your favorite guitarists, the time has come to learn to play but with so much information available, youtube, books, etc., you wonder where do I start ?!

Start with the basics, with the essentials to play right now with a list of the first 7 things you have to learn with the guitar if you start from scratch. If you succeed you will never give up, you will continue learning and above all you will have a great time, here we go!

7 first steps with the guitar

Tune the guitar

The first thing you should do before playing anything is tuning the guitar. All guitars are out of tune a little with humidity, due to the heat, taking it from one place to another, … tuning it is a moment, it does not cost anything and you can do it well with a physical tuner or with your mobile phone with a free app ( they are becoming more precise). Standard tuning from 6th string (thickest) to 1st string below (finest) E, A, D, G, B, e.

Tune a Guitar
Tune the Guitar

Change the strings

If you have a guitar at home without changing the strings for a long time, change the strings! We don’t want you to catch a disease with the dirt from those strings, your fingers will thank you and the guitar will sound much better. Don’t worry if nothing else is instantly out of tune, it’s normal. Sharpen, touch, sharpen, touch … in the end they will reach a stable point.

Basic chords

Learn how to play the 7 universal basic chords to play millions of songs, really, you just need to know these chords to play your favorite songs. Once you know placing these chords you will not have any problem with the sharp chords or flats (you just have to move the chord figure one next or previous fret) and for the capo problem, take it easy, practice and follow these 3 tips to dominate the capo.

Rhythm and strumming

You already know the chords, good! Now we have to give rhythm to those chords. This is one of the most expensive points but does not get burdened, it takes time, the internet tutorials with strum arrow keys help a lot. At first, it greatly simplifies strumming, as if you only strum down (down arrow), it is better that you get the chord change well that later you can complete the corresponding strum.

The most important discovery: it turns out that you always match the strum down with the beat, and the complexity of the strum doesn’t matter.

Read Tabs

Finger on the 2nd fret of the 5th string, finger on the 2nd fret of the 4th string and finger on the 1st fret of the 3rd string, and you already have an MI chord. This is the tablature, to make it very easy, for beginners, for most people who cannot read music theory, a great invention. Then we have elements and details of techniques such as bending, links, vibrato, … etc. that with a little practice you will not need to study it because when you see the same thing repeated in so many songs you will have it memorized without realizing it.

Play songs
If you choose songs that you like from the beginning you will get that as they sound the most similar, you will be invaded by a feeling of pride and satisfaction never seen before and that will make you more hooked on the instrument, that you continue learning and keep moving forward, there is no better so you stay motivated with your favorite songs.

Fifth chords

An element that unconsciously made me not give up the guitar after 2 days by the nut and keep progressing while learning songs was the fifth chords also called power chords. Fifth chords are a very simplified version so to speak of the basic chords, you cheat a bit because you don’t play the whole chord, and it is very easy to play. allows you to keep moving forward and not get frustrated. Like almost everything I played it was rock and the great guitar riffs are full of fifth chords, it suited me perfectly.

guitar fifth chords

With these tips, you can start playing your favorite songs from the first moment even if you have no idea of ​​music and in a fun way to keep moving forward. In our beginners course, we put all this into practice for those who start from scratch, with songs and organized in 3 days. Now to play !!

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