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The Basic of Boxing

Learning the basics of boxing is the most important part of the training. But learning it the right way will give you the best foundation and will lessen the chances of you getting injured.Let us start with the proper stance, footwork, punches and defense.

Boxing Stance is the most important fundamental to learn. It gives you stability, balance and an effective position to throw punches from.

Basic Stance 1 Basic Stance 2  

  •     Start by standing with your legs shoulder width apart.
  • Put your right foot 1 to 1 ½ step back. The rear heal should be slightly off the ground, toes pointing towards your opponent and knees slightly bent, giving good balance. (If you are left handed-put you left foot 1 to 1 ½ step back.)
  • Your front foot or lead foot should be slightly ahead of your body and knee slightly bent for balance.

basic of boxing
boxing training stance

Boxing Stance 1 Boxing Stance 2  

  • The lead or left hand should be positioned directly above the lead foot and the rear (power) hand should be positioned next to the side of the chin to block punches.
  • Position your lead shoulder slightly higher which in turn will be used as a defensive mechanism against the right hand punch of your opponent.
  • The chin should always be tucked to give extra support for your neck from your opponent’s punches and your elbows should be tucked in front of your body to block any body shots.

Boxing Footwork is very important for offense and defense. It will give you the best chance of hitting your opponent/target and will enable you to move quickly away from your opponent’s counter punches.

Boxing Footwork 1 Boxing Footwork 2 Boxing Footwork 3

  • To move forward simply lift your front leg slightly and push forward from your back leg.
  • To move backward, lift your back leg and push backward with your front leg.
  • Boxing Footwork 4 Boxing Footwork 5 Boxing Footwork 6
  • For side ward movement the same system applies simply lifting the leg of the direction headed and pushing off the other leg.
  • All you need to remember is the front takes you forward, the back foot takes you backwards. If you want to go right,let your right foot lead and push off with the left foot and if you want to go sideways left, lead with your left foot and push off with your right.

Always maintain the distance of your feet, which ever direction you go.

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