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Stations Basketball Practice Drills for Pre warm

We generally assume that the foreign-born well-developed larger with bigger by playing football, but as I was on my coaching experience appears on the outside, it looks like the practice of the pre-match focus greater cause for advancement. The next season, as I want and prepared culture system, we implemented a series of warm up to start training, and exercises to focus greater capacity and up. Train women, fleas pre-culture and agility program is an effort to improve performance and reduce injuries, as some researchers believe that women can reduce the risk of damage through plyometric routines.

We use three common regular heating: (1) skipping rope (2) stations or (3) the court is full of dynamic heating (carioca, running back, jump, jump, lateral, knee up, kick butt waste up / power). Our heating lasts 10-15 minutes.

basketball practice drills station

Heating Station

When we did the heating station, we started rucleyn, backpedal and carioca. Since I have 10 players, we are a working couple. Our focus is to teach the rapid changes in the first-step speed.

Station 1: Mirror march (15 seconds on, 15 seconds rest, 15 seconds)

I teach mostly on-ball defensive position and movement through exercise and after the trial period 1v1. The players face each other and one player from an attacking player and as a defender. Players lead the attack, move laterally, and the defender tried to go face to face. striker’s goal is to create a space between the two of them, while the defender tries to stay within the width of the body forward.

Station 2: Mikan march

Player goes first 30 seconds and then fell in the second. March baby-hook shots practice. Start under the basket and step left foot to the right to shoot with his right hand, grab the ball in the net, keep the ball and shoulders above the action on the left side of the rim with his right foot, left shot. Continue.

Station 3: Direct kadalloobsanayo

Kadalloobso and jump as high as possible, armor Escuardo high into the air. Focus on a soft landing to the right of the vertical leap and absorb the impact strength of the muscles in the legs, not only in the thigh and knee joints. Squat low to the half-threatening, while the lower bowdyahooda, parallel to the ground before jumping.

Station 4: X ever-up

Put as many lay-ups in 30 seconds and then switch. Start with one elbow, one dayayana and try to lay-up. Ball and run the other elbow; own and try to have a lay-up from the other side. Continue for 30 seconds.

Station 5: Partner Shooting

Player 1 Player 2 passes and shut out. P2 fall, leaves and follow shot. P1 race shot and moving, keep moving and calling for the ball. P1 and P2 are called the competition a shot. Partner shoot for one minute.

Station 6: McHale march

Consistent ball leaving the hand tips to the hospital with a right angle (rim). No change to six and the right side. Tips right corner on the left side of the net proceeds (rim). Repeat on the left side of a total of 18 recommendations. Change Partners.

Station 7: T-Ball March 2 with laadarka

Set for T-march with 5-7 feet apart in the form of a base T. From T and walk forward while laadarka two balls. Shuffling cone to the left, then to the right cone and finally back to the intersection. Back pedal to the base of the T. Go three times and turned. Training others standing practice two balls at rest.

This exercise gives rapid warming rapidly that it requires discipline and a little insurance players to sweat. Our focus is through training quickly: from the base station and the national players to strengthen the culture of each drill. Pick-up in warm focusing on the ball (6 and 7), the rapid changes in (1 and 7), jumps (3 and 6) and shooting (2, 4 and 5), training of various skills in a short amount of time.

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