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Speed Bag Drill for Boxing

The speed bag drill is a great boxing exercise for hand-eye coordination. It also conditions your shoulders and back muscles for punching because your arms are up the whole time your doing the drill.

Boxers must always keep their arms up and fists in front of the face ready to punch and for defense purposes and this part of the body can become tense and fatigued.

I believe that training with the speed bag often and for long periods of time, trains your shoulder and arms to be stronger.

Some people like to focus on just punching the bag and keeping their feet flat on the ground, but instead try bouncing with your feet. I let my footwork go with the rhythm of my punches. You will burn more calories and develop upper and lower body coordination.

How To Begin Speed Bag Drill

Make sure that the bottom of the bag should be in line with your chin so that it is adjusted to your height.

Stand in front of the bag, feet must be shoulder width apart, raise your hands to your face and start hitting with your knuckles or by the side of your fist (hammer fist).

When you first hit the bag, the ball should bounce off the platform 3x before you can hit it again. Let it first bounce away from you, then towards you, and then backwards away from you. As it moves towards you, then that is when you strike a punch.

You can also try to hear the bounce. It will make a tat-tat-tat sound from bouncing off the platform. After you hear the 3rd tat sound, you can punch again.

It might be a little hard to go with the 3-point bouncing/swinging of the speed bag. Speed bag drill is a rhythm drill. Get your rhythm first before you try to speed up the pace.

Try to hit the bag 3x with your left hand before switching to the right. If you get into the groove, try hit it twice with one hand then switch to other hand, until you can hit the bag with single alternating punches from left to right.

Always be patient when you’re just starting to learn this drill just like when you started doing the jump rope drill.

I know some people that can never get the hang of it and feel really awkward doing this drill. But when you do get the rhythm of it, there can be many benefits to this, you burn calories, develop hand-eye coordination, strengthen your upper body, and gain the confidence of knowing you can easily do this like all boxers!

speed bag
speed bag drill

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