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Shadow Boxing

Shadow boxing is one of the most essential parts of your training in boxing. But most of the time people neglect this training exercise, they just use it as a way of warming up before doing the heavy bag drill, sparring and focus mitts which is the most enjoyed boxing exercise. Most people don’t like doing shadow boxing because they feel awkward or think that they look funny doing it and that they suck at it. We’ll have to start somewhere and you can start practicing this at home.

Shadow boxing has many benefits. I usually do 4-6 rounds of shadow boxing every time I train. I practice all of my combinations, footwork and defense. I visualize myself in the ring fighting with a real opponent. I move around the ring and punch, I see my opponent punching me and I practice my defense like slipping, ducking blocking and moving away fromthe punch then I throw my counter punch combination. When I throw my punches, I let it golike I’m really hitting someone. It’s like your dancing on the ring.

I begin with 2 rounds of soft punches and focus on my footwork. Normally, I do this in front of the mirror to check my punches and movements. It’s important to see yourself first in the mirror so that you can correct yourself. After my body is warmed up, I pick up the pace and intensity. When I throw my punches I focus on the speed and movements of my legs.

When your doing the proper shadow boxing, remember to visualize as if you are really fighting someone, and all your punches should be fast and with conviction. Try not to be lazy while doing shadow boxing, this is a workout where you can practice and try to perfect your combinations and movements. If you do it right, you will see improvement with your defense, footwork and punches.

As you get better with shadow boxing. You can even have a more effective workout by using hand weights from 1 to 3 lbs and also with a rubber band. It will increase the intensity of your exercise and you’ll have better conditioning.

When I started doing shadow boxing, I would watch my favorite boxers. I then imitate them in my shadow boxing exercises. Be imaginative, you can go ahead and watch your favorite fighter. Observe how they move, how their body flows with their punches and foot work. Try getting in the details of their physiological movements and start to imagine yourself mimicking it. After awhile your movement will be similar to theirs, it an easy way to get better at this because your following someone. Then you try to add some of your own moves. Keep practicing, in time you will be able to shadow box anywhere and feel really good about it!

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