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Power Jumps Vertical Drill

This basketball drill will really work on improving your vertical leap!  This can be done in one of two fashions, one legged jumps or two legged jumps.  We’ll begin with the method for one legged jumps.

One-legged jumps are done as follows:

Jump as high as possible off of one foot.  Land carefully and balance, and jump as high as possible off the other foot.  Repeat this for a total of twenty jumps.

Power Jumps Vertical Drill
basket ball Power Jumps Vertical Drill

The two-legged jumps are done as follows:

Start by squating down with your knees bent and body in a defensive position.  Power jump as hard as you can off the ground.  Land carefully and banalcned, pause for about two seconds, then jump up again as high as possible.  Perform this drill ten times.

Improving your vertical leap is primarily increasing the strength in your legs and also building power in your jump.  You really want to focus on your form when jumping and constantly trying to push yourself higher when performing your power jumps.  Over time your muscles in your legs will grow stronger and your jumps will improve.

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