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Mackie VLZ4 Series. The fourth generation

Among the analog mixers, Mackie has long won a respectable position for the solidity of its equipment and for the remarkable S / N ratio which facilitates its use even in working conditions of extreme dynamic variation. The old VLZ series is now in its fourth generation , respecting the basic standards and enhancing the features offered. All this, with a refreshed look that never hurts …

Thanks to a daring game of levels, the VLZ mechanism allows you to recover the audio signal at the output, keeping both the background noise of the system and the unwelcome intervention of external interference to a minimum. Originally made up of the historic 16-channel table top / rack mount model, the VLZ series now houses eight different models, characterized by precise operational cuts: 402 , 802 , 1202 , 1402 , 1642 , 1604 , 2404 , 3204 . As you can imagine, the first number indicates the quantity of the input channels, the second number indicates the number of the outgoing buses.

In this way, the little 402 offers four audio inputs for two channels with micron connections and jacks, plus two other line inputs integrated in a single left / right stereo channel; the input pre-amplification range covers 60 dB, with a dynamic range of 128.5 dB; equalization is on two bands (80-12000 Hz).

The intermediate model 1642 offers sixteen channels differentiated by structure (8 with double mic and line connection, 2 with double mic and stereo line connection, 2 with stereo line connection); as with all Mackie models, the preamps used are the high-performance Onyx . The channel structure includes input gain, four aux sends, equalization (differentiated for channels with microphone jack and for line only), panpot, level, four assignable busses plus stereo buss.

intermediate model 1642

The top model, usable both in project studio and for small PAs, is the 3204 , with 32 input channels (28 microphone and 32 line connections), 6 auxiliary for effects and stage monitor, 4 addressable subgroups, 8 compressors on board for dynamic treatment, 2 multi effects  and 4 x 2 USB connectivity. The USB ports allow you to transfer 24-bit audio with management of the four subgroups and the Master L / R to Mac and PC, possibility of using external plug-ins while remaining in the domain digital (through aux 5 and 6), stereo return for full digital playback of music programs from outside.

analog mixers

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