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Jump Rope Exercise

This exercise is a very important part of training in boxing and has many benefits:

• Improves your upper and lower body co-ordination (very crucial factor in boxing).
• Is both an anaerobic and aerobic workout. Depending on your level of training method.
• Increases your leg power and over all endurance.
• Lose weight and tones muscle.

jump rope exercise

Before you get started, make certain that:

  • You have sized up the length of the rope by stepping on the middle of the rope and raising both ends in front of you to the area of chest. There are different kinds of rope materials but most commonly used are leather ropes or PVC speed ropes you can use either one as long as there is a bearing inside the handle where the ropes are being held.
  • Any rubber shoes will do. You can use tennis shoes, basketball, boxing or wrestling shoes or even bare feet as long as you are skipping on a rubber matt.
  • A good sturdy flat surface will do whether it is cement, wood or rubberized floor. The better option would be on rubberized flooring.
  • Be patient with this. I have taught a lot of people, some learned it in just 30seconds,and some took months of everyday practice to get good at it.

Let’s start skipping!

Without any ropes yet, begin by standing straight, and the head aligned with the body looking straight ahead. Put your arms at the side of your hips, legs loose and a few inches apart. Start to bounce lightly with both feet or with one footat a time. Once you’re bouncing effortlessly, start to make a circular motion with your wrist and arms while bouncing with your feet . Keep your elbow locked on the side of your body while moving your arms and wrist. After getting the hang of it, grab the rope and try it. From time to time you might hit the rope with your feet, don’t get frustrated. As long as you have maintained your sense of balance keepbouncing, just go back to the start-up position and it over again. Always rememberto be patient.

Once you get the basics, you will just keep on getting better. You can start from 1min per round of skipping and 1 min rest period. Just work your way up to 3-5mins per round. In time you will be able to skip for 15-30mins straight with steady pace. Skipping can be very tiring, always remember to breathe deeply through your nose. As you get better at it you will be able to do this for longer periods of time, but never push your body to the extreme.

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