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Is Sparring For You?

Sparring is a fighting practice session where you can apply the skills you have learned while training in boxing. Testing your skills, condition, emotions, and competitive spirit can be a lot of fun, whether you gain victory or not.

It is not for everyone who trains in boxing. Some people don’t find it thrilling. Women, especially, don’t aspire to take their training to the level of fighting on the ring. Fitness boxing does not require that you spar and no one should ever be forced or pressured to fight against his wishes.

Personally, I love to practice my fighting skills on the ring because it allows me to improve on my techniques and each session is really fun, stimulating and exhilarating.

Most men I know that have reached a certain level in their boxing training, spar to improve and refine their prowess in boxing.

Because I love to teach, I am also able to instruct and correct my clients techniques as we spar.

If you intend to spar, have someone take videos of you. That way you can always review your sessions and get some feedback on your performance. You can ask your coach to analyze, correct any mistakes, refine your techniques and eliminate any weaknesses on the ring.

Often, one’s level of excitement depends on who he is participating against. If the session is against a friend or a known person, then it will be like play.

If it is against a foe, one’s approach might be more aggressive.

If it is with a stranger, the match might be more challenging since the opponent’s skills are unknown to you.

Precautions must always be taken seriously, wearing protective gears, limiting the objectives, and must be supervised by a coach or referee. Keeping the punches light, unless one is training for an official boxing event.

Boxing Training Tips:

Stay calm and focused. Keeping your emotions under control is important so that you are able to react effectively. Fear, anger, or frustration impairs judgment and can cause technical errors to occur.

Remember your defensive moves. Catch, block, parry, slip, weave when necessary.

Proper footwork can make you stay away from the opponent. Try not to let your opponent catch you, because if he can’t catch you, then he can’t hit you.

boxing training tips

Don’t hold your breath. Breathe so your muscles and organs have a steady supply of oxygen. This helps you to stay alert and allows your brain and body to function properly.

Learn to read your opponent’s body movements, habits and strategies so you can counter his attacks.

Also pay attention to how your opponent reacts in offense or defense to your moves, fake or feint your attacks so he gets caught off guard.

Body Touches/Sparring

opinions differ with this type of training session. Some people like to target the head and think it’s not a lot of fun to target only the body since the opponent knows punches will only be directed at the body so he will keep it constantly protected by the arms.

I think it’s okay to practice this if one is just starting out. You can get used to properly throwing your punches while hitting a moving target. It helps you learn to move around your opponent and to look for angles or openings for body shots.

When you have built up on your skills and you get the courage to spar, it is not instantaneous that you will know and apply all techniques as soon as you are confronted by an opponent on the ring.

You can take each type of training for boxing to help you develop and improve certain skills. Learning to box is a process. Enjoy every step of the way!

Body Touches Sparring

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