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Boxing Footwork Tips & Drills

The most important thing for being a master with your footwork is to make sure you stay light on your feet. There was only one champion that I could think of in the history of boxing that was a flat-footed champion, Joe Louis.

There are some simple things you can do to assure that you will stay light on your feet while boxing…

Jump Rope Daily

 In order to be effective at jumping rope, you must stay on your toes while you jump. Most people I know hate jumping rope because of how tricky it can be at first. Once again, just like everything in boxing, you should remain relaxed and have a rhythm while you jump rope.

boxing jump rope daily

Plyometrics Training

 Plyometrics teaches you to do explosive movements but also forces you to stay on the balls of your feet because the balls of your feet are where you can generate the most explosiveness.

One of my favorite plyometrics exercises for developing quick feet is to lay a heavy bag flat on the ground and quickly and rapidly jump over the bag back and forth for a minute. I try to minimize the time my foot touches the ground to as little as possible. Meaning, as soon as my foot touches the other side, I’m jumping to the next side.

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