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Focus Mitts for boxing

Focus mitts, also called coaching mitts or focus pad training can greatly develop and improve ones techniques in punching and defense.

It can be a precursor to sparring and should be done with an adept trainer. In the beginning, try basic combinations while correcting any improper boxing stance, punches or footwork.

As you get comfortable, the trainer can start to increase the pace and number of combinations while varying the range and positions of the target.

Focus mitts is a favored training by many. Some clients at the gym like it so much that as soon as they enter and set their bags down, put on their wraps and gloves, they ask a coach to do focus mitts on them right away.

I don’t agree with it because one needs to warm up first, do some stretching, get the blood flowing and the body ready for an intense work out. Warm up and stretching are both crucial for preventing injuries.

Pads or mitts are worn by the trainer/coach or holder, its a glove pad with a target at the center. The holder must also wear protective gears (mouth guard and head gear) in case the striker misses and accidentally hits the holder.

Because this training is also taxing on the holder, he must also warm up and do some stretching before the work out to prevent injuries and strains. After each session he must also cool down and stretch.

The holder must be able to counterbalance the force of the blows by giving or pushing back a little on contact, feeding into each blow. I term this tapping which is to hit lightly and when I am the holder, I can anticipate the force of the blows coming in contact with the pads.

focus mitts for boxing

To make it an effective training, the holder must be highly skilled. he must know how to call out or instruct rapid and successive combinations of punches and defense moves for the striker to execute.

He must also be able to correct any flaws in the strikers punches or defense skills. One can really improve on his/her techniques with a good trainer.

This is also an important part of training for professional boxers because techniques, methods or strategies against an opponent are applied during the drills.

The coach can mimic the opponents moves and train the boxer to respond accordingly. Speed, balance, reflexes, and reaction time are also harnessed.

Focus pad training is also fun because of the many drills or combinations applied. If you’ve seen other people spar and think it’s fun and exciting but you don’t want to be ‘hit hard’ and the idea of ‘hitting back’ is unappealing to you, then try coaching mitts. This is definitely a powerful and excellent training for developing one’s boxing skills.

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