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Essential Boxing Equipment for Boxing

Boxing is one of the few sports that is relatively inexpensive to get into. You only truly need few pieces of equipment to get on your way to training like a professional. It is this reason that boxing thrives in poverty stricken cities throughout the world.

For those who are interested in training in boxing, I have put together a bare minimal list of essential equipment that you should have before entering a boxing gym.

Boxing essentials for beginners

Hand Wraps-

A lot of the sporting stores you’ll go to will provide you with the 108 inch hand wraps, I recommend you get the pro style 180 inch hand wraps featured here.

The reason I recommend the 180″ ones is that it will protect your hands a lot more than the 108″ wraps. You have around 30 different bones in your hands and a proper wrap will help keep your bones intact and protect your knuckles while you box. The 108″ ones tend to just go around your hands once and don’t really protect your hands (unless you have very tiny hands).

boxing Hand Wraps

Boxing Training Gloves-

You can’t be a boxer without boxing gloves! Pretty self explanatory, the only thing is I recommend getting 16oz boxing gloves for a few reasons. Mainly, 16oz gloves provide more cushion and won’t hurt your hands when you hit the bag. In addition, the choosing of 16oz gloves over 12oz gloves will give you an added workout since you’ve got heavier gloves on your hands.

**Optional** Freestanding Heavy Bag-

If you’re planning on joining a gym, you don’t need a heavy bag because they will have one there but if you are planning on training at home, you might want to consider a training bag. A heavy bag will help with cardiovascular exercise as well as developing your proper form and technique.

That’s it! That’s all you really need to get started in boxing! As we move on with the tips and as you progress, you’ll need more equipment to advance your skills in the ring but for now, this is all you really need to start becoming a boxer.

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