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Cheap Numark mixer, like being big DJs for a small expense

Looking for the best audio mixer to take your first professional steps? The Numark mixer range offers us convincing solutions at a reasonable price

Are we at the gates with birthday festoons and does it occur to us to take up our art again? Here is a range of mixers to start, start over and in any case face the musical passion in high fidelity and spending reasonable amounts. The cheap Numark mixer stands out from the DJ mixers with effects , offering a truly fascinating entry level for its quality. To earn the palm of best audio mixer, Numark offers a range of products between 80 and 199 euros . They are portable, light weight tools and available on Amazon with discounts. The reasons for the rise of the American brand of Rhode Island are to be connected to the continuous study and development of new technologies that promote the mixing experience for DJs of all levels. Minimum common denominator:the reliability of the cheap Numark mixer .

Economic mixer Numark, the reason for an ascent

Numark offers DJs of all kinds innovative products that perfectly combine classic style with cutting-edge performance . Over the course of its 40 years of history, Numark has introduced hundreds of innovations in the sector, including the first DJ mixer with built-in sampler, DM1775, the first professional double CD player, CD5020, the first DJ system based on HDCD1 hard disk, the first iOS-enabled DJ systems and many other innovations. Numark is a proud member of the inMusic family of brandswhich represent a union of avant-garde brands regarding DJ audio technology. At this point we just have to study the Numark product range thoroughly and try the product. Are we little DJs who want a mixer to scratch? Are we djs interested in a high quality and affordable 3-channel mixer to indulge in mixing multiple audio sources? Whatever the best audio mixer for our case we will find a dedicated product .

Cost effective Numark mixer: We choose two different options to have fun immediately

Quality is not always a question of price, so we wanted to carefully choose two models to be explored that can be seriously considered if we intend to have the best audio mixer at a low price . With a budget of up to 120 euros we discover the Numark M101 usb models and the Numark M4 live mixer .

1 – Numark M101 USB | Economic mixer Numark

Numark M101 USB is a multipurpose mixer ideal for connecting turntables, CD players and other audio sources. Not being a DJ mixer with Numark effects, he concentrated all the possible quality on potentiometers and controls. The cheap Numark M101 USB mixer, also available in a non-USB version at 88 euros on Amazon is an analog mixer with a low cost but with all the features to mix discs in a professional way. The connections include a microphone input and a headphone output for pre-listening on the front panel. On the back there are the USB connection and the master output. We also find 2 input channels with Phono inputs, to connect turntables without preamp, and the classic Line connections. Using the special lever switch it will also be easy to switch the incoming sound between Phono and Line on each of the two channels. The installation of the cheap Numark mixer is quite simple .

Numark mixer

The mixer can be connected directly to the audio system via the master output and to the Mac / Windows PC via the USB cable. This feature allows the small and powerful M101 USB to also function as a sound card compatible with all operating systems. It should be noted that this function is obviously not available in the non-USB model . With metal materials and a professional body, this live mixer is not a DJ mixer with effects but allows maximum connectivity, portability and quality at a really great price. Making its way among the best-selling models, the Numark line in fact enjoys excellent reviews also as regards this entry level model. Particularly appreciated for the quality and comfort of its centrally located fader (trademark of Numark), it boasts a very good average reviews on the web and 4.5 stars on Amazon.

On the front body of Numark ‘s best entry level audio mixer, you can also connect any microphone for voice and headphones for pre-listening. Both have dedicated controls via a potentiometer on the live mixer interface. In addition, we will find all the equalization, gain and master volume controls on convenient potentiometers next to the LED VU Meter in the upper part of the interface. Needless to say, such a promising product should also be evaluated in its technical characteristics. Here is a data sheet of the Numark M101 USB economic mixer:

  • Rack-mountable mixer
  • Integrated USB audio for playback and recording on your computer in the USB version
  • Two pairs of Phono / Line inputs
  • Integrated 2-band equalizer for quick and easy audio settings
  • 1/4 inch microphone input for voiceovers, announcements, vocalists
  • Stereo output for easy connection to amplifiers, amplifier speakers or other mixers
  • Compatible with all operating systems in the USB version
  • Power supply and quick guide included

Numark M101USB – 2-Channel Multi-Purpose DJ Rack Mixer with 2-Band EQ, Audio Inputs, Microphone Input, Replaceable Crossfader and Integrated Sound Card

2 – Numark M4 | Economic mixer Numark

Numark M4 is the inexpensive three-channel Numark mixer. Like all models in its family, it is not a DJ mixer with effects. It is mainly an ideal live mixer for scratching and other congenial functions to make musical evenings take off. If we want to be honest, it seems almost impossible that with 30 euros more cost than its younger brother you can already have multiple connectivity of this type . Numark wants to surprise us with the price of 119 euros on Amazon. The M4 is therefore the best Numark audio mixer for connecting turntables, CD players and other line sources in this price range.

This model has obviously integrated the master outputs, the additional record output and the headphone output. The cheap Numark M4 mixerrepresents the ideal choice to unleash the creativity of small and large DJs for theme nights, weddings, live sets in clubs and private parties. Thanks to its size and portability, it can be considered a way to do tests at home without sacrificing the amount of sources necessary for a live set of a certain level. Numark M4 3 channel scratch mixer, as it is called by the parent company, has in fact optional inputs to make live performances more varied. This model thus represents the best audio mixer to perform a cheap upgrade of the cheap Numark M101 mixer. M4 is a table mixer but it is equipped with a crossfader with Reverse and Slope controls as in DJ mixers with top of the range effects. Plus, it has a ¼ mic input on the back, of equalizers and switches between Phono / Line inputs for each channel. This cheap Numark mixer really shines when it comes to inputs. Two switchable Phono / Line inputs plus another four dedicated line inputs provide a total of 6 inputs to the live mixer.  

Product reviews on the web highlight the difficulty of finding strong antagonists in this price range. The Numark M4 , available on Amazon at a price of 119 euros, enjoys an average score of 4.5 stars. To provide you with the best description of the product characteristics, here is the technical data sheet in detail. Remember that we are not talking about a mixer with USB connection, therefore it cannot be used as an audio interface for our PC. The reference model with equal connectivity to M4 is the famous Numark M6 economic mixer , presented on sale on Amazon for 195 euros.

Features economic mixer Numark M4 in detail:

  • Volume level on VU METER switchable between master and single channels for more detailed control of volumes
  • Channel 1 and 3 phono / line input, channel 2 line A / B input
  • It does not have boot output
  • Master and record output in the rear of the live mixer
  • Professional grade build quality
  • Well balanced and precise potentiometers
  • Microphone input placed in the back of the interface
  • Guide and power supply included

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