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Boxing Footwork Drills- The Ultimate Footwork Tool!

I’m constantly asked in the boxing gym about footwork drills. Apparently, a lot of people have trouble with their footwork which is weird considering it is probably the most important aspect of boxing.

Your footwork is like the frame work of any structure. Without it, the building will collapse. If your footwork sucks, your collapse will be you being knocked out!

One of the biggest problems I see with fighters who have difficulty with their footwork is that they have trouble staying on their toes and are constantly putting most of their weight on their heels which leaves you incredibly off balanced and not as powerful. The only fighter I ever saw that was successful flat-footed was Joe Louis and I doubt any of you guys have his power or skill!

The other day I was going through my gym closet and I came across a piece of equipment that made the alarms in my brain go off like crazy! This tool had the potential to be the ultimate footwork tool!

Like I’ve said, you have to stay on your toes when your boxing. So, what if there was a piece of training equipment that you could use that would force you to stay on your toes?

Boxing Footwork Drills- The Ultimate Footwork Tool

That’s exactly what I found!

I originally purchased this when I was playing basketball a lot and wanted to increase my vertical leap but it will work amazingly for those who have trouble with their footwork.

What is the tool?

They are called Jump Soles!

 They essentially make you stay on your toes the entire time. Be aware! Your calves are going to be burning after using these!

All I’ll do with these is either shadow box or hit the heavy bag with them, or both and they work wonders and force my fighters out of that bad habit of being flat footed.

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