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Boxing Basic Offense

Jab is the most important punch a fighter will ever use in a boxing match. It is also the most used punch in the sport. It is effective as an offensive weapon and as a defensive tool. It keeps your opponent out of range and you away from striking distance. By keeping your opponent at bay with jabs, a boxer has time to think and room to move for creating options. It is the punch that sets up combinations.

boxing basic offence

  • Throw your jab from the chin.
  • Fire your jab in a straight line by pushing your shoulder forward and pushing off from your back foot while applying a slight rotation of hips and torso.
  • Throw your fist fast and it should be horizontal on impact.
  • Bring it back fast for defense purposes keeping your elbow tucked in front of your chest and your fist close to your chin.
  • Add a slight step from your lead foot for extra power.
  • Never throw lazy jabs.
  • Exhale when throwing this punch to release extra force from within.


Straight is a very strong punch because it is coming from your dominant hand (if you’re a lefty, it should be your left hand) and it starts from the rear hand and crossing over the body to its target, this punch gains momentum from your weight being shifted in your body. This will be the power punch for beginners. A slight twist in the torso and hips along with the rear shoulder snapping forward all in one motion make up the transfer of weight from the back foot to the front foot. Done properly, it could be a very powerful punch.

  • Throw rear hand from face.
  • Maintain your balance by bending your knees.
  • Rotate your hips and rear foot slightly when punching to gain power from the shifting of body weight.
  • Return to guarding position after punch is executed.
  • A small step can be added for extra power.
  • Exhale when throwing this punch to release extra force from within.


Hook is a short range punch, very good in countering a punch, especially, after your opponent throws a straight hand. It is aimed at the side of your opponents face or body. The lead toes, hips and torso rotate along with the elbow bent and arm in a horizontal position. Once the fist lands on the target, a fighter should immediately return to initial position. This punch should not be use as a lead punch.

  • Practice throwing a hook after the jab-straight (one-two) combination.
  • Pivot with lead foot and hip while moving elbow in a horizontal position.
  • Forearm should be parallel from the ground on impact of punch.
  • Always maintain your balance.
  • A slight step maybe used when throwing a hook from a distance.


Uppercut is one of the most dangerous punch in boxing. It is widely used during a close range in-fighting. The uppercut is a very sneaky punch, thrown in an upward motion. The main purpose of this punch is to take your opponent off his balance.

·         Slightly bend your knees as you shift your body weight to the side of your foot where your punch will be coming from.

·         Move your body weight to the left foot if your going to throw a left uppercut, to the right foot if your going to throw a right uppercut.

·         Twist your hips and torso as you throw the uppercut in an upward motion.

·        Always keep your guard up.

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